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Paradigm Shift is a new three-part art collection with exclusive artwork only available to the Metakey community. A surreal collection of 3D art inspired by the idea that we know nothing. The opposite is true.


This page will be shared exclusively with the Metakey community and will give you access to the three artwork links below. Each piece is minted on Manifold on a custom contract.

Who is Alan Bolton?


Alan Bolton is an artist from Ireland who has been working as a multidisciplinary artist for several years. He’s built a strong portfolio of worldwide clients from DJs such as Tiësto, and deadmau5 to global food brands like Sour Strips and JUST Water. 


In 2020, Alan began to sell his artworks as NFTs and has launched his art on all top marketplaces such as SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and MakersPlace. In early 2021, Alan joined Metakey to design and create the Genesis card. Over the past two years, Alan has grown his following within the NFT art space and has had numerous sell-out drops from collaborations with record label Hau5trap, DJs such as deadmau5, and one-of-a-kind art collaborations with Manchester City F.C.

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deja ju

Open Edition.

0.01 ETH

EXCLUSIVE to Metakey holders for 48 hours.

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