I began working as an artist full-time after moving to Los Angeles, California shortly after graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in Business & Management from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

I spent 14 months in Los Angeles working as the lead social media content creator for the hugely popular YouTube channel MihranTV. I helped skyrocket the channels following from 480k to 1.2 million within my time in this role. This consisted of uploading 5 videos per week on YouTube ranging from full production dance videos to tutorials and vlogs. I learned how to create consistently high-quality content at an extremely fast pace.

I returned home to Ireland in January 2019 and started working as a freelance artist full-time. I've been working with brands and music artists all over the world and continuing to grow my skills and define myself as a digital artist.

I have a strong passion for photography, videography, 3D visuals, and artworks but I do not like to be defined by one creative outlet. I like to bring my own abstract style to projects and I am consistently pushing myself to create unique art that stands out from the average.

Throughout 2020, I took a step back from client work to focus on my art career and building my name as a digital artist. I now sell my work on a number of crypto art platforms such as MakersPlace, KnownOrigin, and Foundation.