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Creative Commons & royalty free assets - Alan Bolton



During the creative process, 3D artists use a mix of assets from various sources and model libraries. When creating an artwork Alan’s process includes the use of many 3D models and a variety of atmospheric sound effects. Some are created by the artist and others are mashups and mixes of all sorts of models and materials from many asset libraries merged together in an entirely new composition to create the final artwork.


Throughout Alan’s work, he uses several known commercial model libraries for the pieces and also creative common models from various web sources. We would like to thank and give credit to the following artists used under the commercial creative commons license:


Oscar Creativo, CG Girls, CyberDan.


We would also like to give credit to the various royalty-free sound effects purchased for use in the artworks:


CRT Sounds, Odyssey SFX, Epic Stock Media, Samplephonics, Cinematic Underscore FX Vol 1-4, Bass House by Vantiz Vol 1-2.


Due to the detail of Alan’s artworks, there may have been some assets that were not listed in the credit section, please feel free to contact us and we will make sure to give the appropriate credit.


Thank you.

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